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What are the categories of memory products?

:2022-08-12 :ICKU

memorizer is an electronic device that uses semiconductors, memorizer media and other technologies to store data. Memory unit is actually a kind of sequential logic integrated circuit[trade_no]. They can be divided into read-only memory[trade_no] (ROM) and random access memory[trade_no](RAM) according to the type of memory used. They have different functions and therefore different descriptions.


Semiconductor devices[trade_no] and magnetic materials are the main storage media for memory. The smallest unit of storage in a memory is a bistable semiconductor circuit or a CMOS transistor or magnetic material that stores a binary code. A storage unit consists of several storage units, and then a storage unit consists of many storage units.



There are several different ways to categorize products for storage. According to the function of memory in computer system, it can be divided into main memory, auxiliary memory, cache memory, control memory, etc. In order to resolve the contradiction between the requirement of large capacity, fast speed and low cost for memory, multilevel memory architecture is usually used, even with high-speed buffer memory, main memory and external memory.


By storage media, mainly include:


(1) Semiconductor memory: A memory consisting of semiconductor devices. The U disk is a semiconductor memory. The Flash chip is integrated in the U disk, and the storage medium is a semiconductor.


(2) Magnetic surface memory: a memory made of magnetic material.


By storage method, it mainly includes:


(1) Random memory: The contents of any storage unit can be accessed randomly, regardless of the access time or the physical location of the storage unit.


(3) Sequential memory: can only be accessed in a certain order, the access time is related to the physical location of the storage unit.