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What is the usage of crystal oscillator?

:2022-08-12 :ICKU

Crystal oscillator is a crystal[trade_no] (quartz) piezoelectric effect that causes oscillation accuracy by using high frequency when using one of the passive components. Sometimes abbreviated as XTAL. Quartz watches, wireless communications, computers and other essential components of modern electronic equipment.


The function of crystal oscillator is to provide basic clock signal for the system. Usually, a system shares a crystal oscillator, which is convenient for all parts to keep synchronized. In some communication systems, different crystal oscillators are used for the fundamental frequency and RF frequency, and the synchronization is maintained by electronically adjusting the frequency. It is widely used in various oscillation circuits such as color TV sets, computers, remote controllers, and communication systems for frequency generators, generating clock signals for data processing equipment, and providing reference signals for specific systems.

Crystal oscillators are usually used in conjunction with phase-locked loop circuits to provide the clock frequency required by the system. If different subsystems need clock signals of different frequencies, they can be provided by different phase-locked loops connected to the same crystal oscillator.


Wireless communication (oscillation circuit, filter circuit) in wireless communication, the crystal resonator can be used as a part of the filter circuit. It is called crystal filter or crystal filter. Especially when narrow-band filter circuit is needed. SAW filters[trade_no] are increasingly used in narrow frequency bands, and the output is declining.



On the other hand, since many amateur radio operators have announced the design method and evaluation of filters[trade_no] based on the measured data of crystal resonators[trade_no], self-made crystal filters[trade_no] are usually mainly used in amateur radio.


Of course, the role of crystal oscillator is more than that, and other applications also include:


1. Universal crystal oscillator is used in various circuits to generate oscillation frequency.


2. Quartz crystal resonators are used for clock pulses, which cooperate with other components to produce standard pulse signals, and are widely used in digital circuits.


3. Quartz crystal resonator for microprocessor.


4. Quartz crystal resonator for ctvvtr.


5. Quartz crystal oscillator for clocks and watches.